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Aqua Stationaries is a well-managed company directed by Mr Jayawardana and his team that incorporated in March 2017 (Reg.No:W/CC/11877). We mainly focused on providing office supplies, School stationeries and sports items to the corporate and public sector in Sri lanka. Our main strength lies in honesty, integrity & Service. Mainly we serve our clients with world best brands ever like,

Aqua Stationaries is currently distributing our products around Sri lanka. Beside the distribution to the local market, we provide special service for co-operate clients with special prices & delivery service. We intend on offering our clients the ultimate in satisfactory services, economically viable & competitive prices yet never compromising on our quality. We import almost all our products from manufacturers and it effects to keep our prices below the market rate.

No123, Diggala Road,
Tel : +94 76 45 900 55

Vision Statement:

Aqua Stationeries vision is to become the qualities and affordable stationery product supplier in Sri lanka.

Mission Statement:

Aqua Stationeries is a company set up to market and distribute quality stationery products from all around world to the Sri Lankan market with the concept of “Grow up with Us”

Business philosophy:

Our main aim is to market innovative, high quality products with lowest possible price to suit our customer demands with the respectful service.

Our Values:

The company upholds the following values as a guideline to its operation and business transactions:

  • Always provide QUALITY products
  • Customer Value with respectful service.
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism & Flexibility / Adaptability

An established company you can trust:

Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer value and service has been at the core of our values since we started this company. For you this means a personable, reliable and response service from people who understand and care about your needs, regardless of your size. Service is absolutely paramount at all times.

Our products portfolio :

We mainly focused on Writing instruments, Paper, Pens, Pencils, Vast range of file (Office files as well), Desk accessories, Punchers, Notebooks, Clip boards & Brief cases, Paper pins, Box files, Clips, Rubber band, Rulers, Calculators, Sharpeners, Pen holders, Sticky notes, Exercise books, White A4, Colour A4, Glues, Spray adhesive, Scissors, Cutting tools, Blade, Tapes, Tape dispensers, All size envelopes and all the stationery products under one roof, And also we look forward to include kids toy products, general day to day required product and may more innovative brands in the world.